Coolidge Falls Resort

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Coolidge Falls homes enjoy space, light and loftiness. Loon Mountain Ski Area is directly across the valley. At night watch the snow cats grooming the trails or pull the drapes and snuggle up beside the cozy fireplace. Among the largest of homes listed by Loon Reservation Service, a Coolidge Falls home will provide the space a large group needs for both togetherness and those private times that make your vacation experience complete. Only two miles from the center of Lincoln, Coolidge Falls homes let you enjoy mountain grandeur without feeling remote.

Look for our NEW Allergen Reduction Bedding, see ARB in the property unit description.

Property Units    
4 Bedrooms Coolidge Falls 15C Sleeps 8 People
  Coolidge Falls 83 Sleeps 8 People
  Coolidge Falls 90 Sleeps 8 People
4+ Bedroom Coolidge Falls 12 Sleeps 12 People
5 Bedrooms Coolidge Falls 20B Sleeps 11 People